Infuse 6 video/audio drops when playing

Yesterday I faced an issue when Infuse 6 plays videos with screen flashing — about a 1-second video and audio drops with black screen and silence. The same time no issues in tvOS UI, Youtube and VLC with the same videos. Any ideas? Could I downgrade to Infuse 5 to check out this option is less faulty? I’m on the latest tvOS and Infuse releases, decent Audioquest cable HDMI 2.0, 4K SDR, 4:2:0 mode.

Sorry about that.

Is this happening with all videos, or just one or two?

If you’re able to send in a quick report (and perhaps a sample video) we can take a deeper look at what may be going on here.

Hi James. Seems it was a false alarm. After I submitted this topic I noticed the same mess happened with preview videos even in tvOS App Store. Do you imagine my outrage when ATV flashes with every video in different apps without any obvious reason? The same time UI stays stable. Suddenly I decided to turn off both the “content matching” options (lately I heard numerous people advise to turn them on) and the issue has gone. I’ll do more tests to find out if it does not happen again. But definitely, it is not Infuse app.

Ok great! Thanks for following up. :slight_smile:

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