Infuse 6 - still cant download subtitles

I just upgraded to version 6.0. When searching for subs I finally get a list of available subs from Opensubtitles, but when I try and download them, I get the same error as in version 5.

“An error ocurred. It wasnt possible to download the subtitles from Opensubtitles. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

I have sent my dagnostics ND4BD

Some services (like OpenSubtitles, TMDb, etc…) are blocked in certain countries.

We’ve been working on a solution for people in these countries, and these will be available soon. Unfortunately they weren’t quite ready in time for 6.0.

I live in Denmark. Just checked their website and it seems to be the case. Cant download subtitles from there either:-( I hope for a solution very soon. though isnt blocked in my country. Maybe is has something to do with Opensubs also linking to pirated movies and subscene only have subtitles. Found a list from the Danish Tele Industry with blocked DSN adresse from February 21, 2018 and “” and “” are both on the list.

A change in my DNS settings to google DNS unblocked it all:) But I still hope for a more permanent solution, so I dont have to keep using google dns.

We hope to have a more permanent solution available soon. Stay tuned. :slight_smile: