Infuse 6 - Sharing Annual Subscription between Apple Family members


Just upgrade to Infuse 6 and subscribe into an annual plan… so I want to share this plan between my Apple ID include into my Apple family (my wife and 2 kids) in their iPads…

I download Infuse 6 from Apple store with their Apple ID and hasn’t the pro annual plan, so app ask me to buy a new plan.

How I can share?

Kind Regards

This can be done by logging into Trakt.

More info can be found here.

If Trakt is used for subscription enablement in family sharing, does it mean each family member will get updates on watched content and status aggregated from everyone in the family?

You can avoid having Infuse send watched history to Trakt from certain devices by disabling the ‘Scrobbler’ option in the Trakt profile window.

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