Infuse 6 Pro

I upgraded to Infuse 6 Pro (lifetime) from Infuse 5 Pro and for some strange reason the purchase is not showing up in “My purchases” on iphone or “Purchased” on ATV 4K. The Infuse 6 Pro purchase is only showing in the “purchase history” on iphone. This does not cause any issues on iphone but does on the ATV 4K. Since Infuse 6 pro does not show up in the “purchased” section in ATV 4K, I am unable to update to v6.0.1. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I forgot to add the initial install on the ATV 4K was done by searching for the Infuse 6 app. After the installation the pro version was restored but the infuse 6 app was not listed in the “purchased” section of ATV 4K.

When you go the lifetime subscription route by starting out with the Infuse 6 free version and then doing the in app Lifetime option you’ll be good to go. It won’t show that you purchased Infuse 6 Pro since you in reality have a subscription from the free version for the added Pro features.

If you ever need to install it on another device using the same icloud ID you’ll just download the “Free” version and it will pick up your Lifetime subscription. You might have to select “Restore” in the subscription settings of Infuse.

Don’t download the stand alone “Infuse 6 Pro” since that would require an additional purchase that you don’t need. The free version will get you where you want to be.

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Thanks for the reply @NC Bullseye, that’s exactly what I did for the upgrade/additional devices using the same account. The issue is when updates are available for infuse I can’t invoke the update manually. So now after waiting for the ATVs to update themselves some received the update while others are still waiting. Is the solution to get the latest update to just wait?

For the ATV if you go to the App store in the ATV and then select Purchased > Entertainment then scroll down you should see Infuse 6. Select that and it should take you to the page for infuse 6 with an “Update” box.

That’s the issue, Infuse 6 is not listed anywhere in the purchased apps section. Infuse 4/5 are listed but 6 is MIA.

Do you have the Infuse 5 Pro like in my pic?

If not what do you see when you go to the app store and search for Infuse? If you see the Infuse 6 what are the options for it? Get or the cloud icon?

Yes I do.

The only option is to open the app. Normally after the app is installed and an update is available there’s an option to update.

When you open Infuse 6 and go to the setting screen and scroll to the bottom, what is the version there?

Infuse Pro 6.0 (2506)

Can you try searching on the App Store for Infuse 6 (with the light icon) and see if the ‘Update’ button appears when opening the details page?

Apple TV apps are supposed to auto update, but in our experience there is a substantial delay before this actually happens. Browsing on the App Store allows you to update immediately.

Thanks for the reply James. I tried that yesterday and today, no luck.

Does this appear as a purchased (IE the button says Open)?

What version number do you see listed near the bottom of the page for Infuse 6 in the App Store?

Lastly, can you try restarting your Apple TV?

I restarted the ATV and took pictures of what I saw in the infuse 6 app. No change so far.

Hmm, strange. There have been a few similar issues with the App Store related lately (mostly on iOS though).

We have a 6.0.2 update coming within the next day or so (with a single fix for Trakt sync), so perhaps when this update rolls out things will get back to normal.