Infuse 6 Pro upgrade problem

I upgraded from Infuse 5 Pro to Infuse 6 Pro on my iPhone, but on AppleTV I have problem. Infuse 6 Pro is not in the purchased tab, and in the store section wants me to pay it again!? I use the same Apple ID on two device. Please Help!

Did you purchase Infuse 6 Pro or did you do a subscription in the free Infuse 6? You have to stay with the same initial version for all OS’s.

If you did a subscription you just need to install the free version and under settings where it asks you to subscribe you should also have a “Restore” button that will get you back to your subscription.

I did an upgrade from Infuse 5 Pro to Infuse 6 Pro (Bundle), not a subscription.

Does the Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) bundle show as purchased? It’s separate from the Infuse 6 and Infuse 6 Pro.

I haven’t had any experience with that kind of upgrade but I’m guessing that you have to have V5 pro installed on your ATV and then go to the app store and look for the Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) bundle. When you go to it I’m guessing you’ll get the download option since you’ve already purchased it. Then you can delete the V5 pro .

That’s just a guess though.

We’ve seen a few cases where there can be a delay before purchases from the upgrade bundle will appear on other devices. You may try restarting your device and/or waiting a bit and it should appear.

Alternatively, there is a solution which has been confirmed to work by a few others who were seeing this issue.

Thanks James, everything is fine!

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