Infuse 6 Pro upgrade not working

I previously bought Infuse Pro 4 from the App Store directly. When 5 came out I downloaded the free version and bought/upgraded to Pro 5 through the app. When I installed Infuse 6 (non-Pro) it won’t upgrade to Pro 6 when I press Restore on the “Upgrade to Infuse PRO screen”. I am given options for Special Lifetime $39.99, Monthly $0.99, Yearly $9.99, and Lifetime $54.99. How can I restore my Pro version?

EDIT: Nevermind. I was wrong. I previously upgrade in-app to Infuse Pro 4, but then got Pro 5 from the App Store.

Your In-App purchase for Infuse 5 Pro was only valid for Infuse 5. For this reason you can’t restore Pro in Infuse 6 with this purchase. You have to buy the standalone app Infuse 6 Pro or a subscription within the free Infuse 6 app.

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