Infuse 6 pro start crash these days

I am using it few years now, but it start crash these days
Are there any possible solution ?or feedback?
Please dont suggest me to upgrade to 7.
I have spent all my money on 6

To be able to use infuse 6, you do not need to update tvOS to the latest versions.

Are there any specific tvOS required ? Havent update over a year now after I realized this happen .

There have been a number of changes to Apple’s software as well as TMDB’s service since Infuse Pro 6 was removed from the App Store. This can potentially lead to some instability when using older versions of the app.

You can receive a free year of Pro when upgrading to v7, but if you aren’t looking to do this then I would recommend disabling the Metadata Fetching option in Infuse to avoid any potential issues. Removing and reinstalling the app may also help.

Thanks , @james , I ll try it . but no upgrading. I have suffered enough.

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