Infuse 6 Pro on Apple TV 4K 2021 does no longer plays 4K videos

I purchased some time ago Infuse 6 Pro and used it for more then 2 years watching HD and 4K of my collection. Last week I wanted to watch a 4k movies again. I browsed to my NAS and located the video in my 4k folder where I have some 4k movie ( up to 3840 x 2160). When I hit play Infuse jumps back to the main menu. This happens with any 4k movie I have. Regular HD (1080p) movies work fine. Does anyone here has an idea what the issue is?
Thanks in advance for your help

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What tvOS and what version of Infuse 6 Pro?

Have you tried moving one of the 4K files out of the 4K folder into one of the folders where you have videos you can play? Also along those lines maybe put a 1080p file in the 4K folder and see if you can play them.

I tried a different folder but it does not help. TVOS 15.0 and Infuse 6 Pro 6.6.5 (3587). The issue is on both of my Apple TV4k an older one and also the new 2021 model.

Did you try both scenarios I suggested and if so what was the outcome for each? Which played and which didn’t?

It could be a compatibility issue with tvos 15 and the older infuse 6. The roadmap says one final compatibility update for tvos 15 will be released in September

I just copied a 1080p movie into the 4k folder and it does not play - Infuse jumps back to the main menu. The same movie works in the other HD movie folder

And can you play a 4K movie if you place it in the 1080p folder?

Are both folders located on the same server?

It’s sounding like you have some permission issues for certain folder at this point.

What do access logs say on the NAS when you attempt to play a movie from the 4K folder?

I just installed Infuse 7 and upgraded to Pro (trail for a month) and it all works. So I guess the issue is TVOS 15.0. I wait and see if a fix will come for the Infuse 6 Pro.
Thanks for your help.

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