Infuse 6 Pro life time "upgrades" stopped working on Apple TV

Probably this post is going to be shadow banned, but I give a try anyway.

The app stopped working on Apple TV, I doubt that firecore releases any updates since they secretly even removed the player from the App store.

Did somebody manage to get any credits/refunds from Apple for this life-time purchase?

Thank you.

P.S. I am not sure why to make promisers that you break in a year.

Reported as a quality issue with

infuse 6 pro has not disappeared anywhere. You just need to watch it in purchases, not just in the App Store. You can install it at any time.
Version 6 of firecore is no longer being updated. To make everything work properly, install version 7.
You probably did not purchase the lifetime version at the time, but just 6 Pro with updates within version 6 - I also have such a purchase. And yes, it is not automatically updated to version 7. You will not be able to return the money for it, since there are no violations here.
You can take advantage of 1 year of free use of infuse 7 pro.

I think the violation of the rights are right there on the surface, you are affiliated with firecore so I am not surprised you are saying so, look at all 1 star rating in AppStore.

it would be fair that all ;previous purchases were refunded in that case I am willing to go for a new business model.

Paying the full price for something that turned into the pumpkin after a year this what makes people to turn their backs on the product.

I have nothing to do with firecore. Any infuse user can become a beta tester. Even you.
Once again, I repeat. You have bought infuse 6 pro. While it was up to date, you used its full functionality and received all updates.
After infuse 6 stopped receiving updates, I bought lifetime and have been using it for more than a year. I get all updates. There are no other boards anymore. The device did not turn into a pumpkin.

I feel that this business model takes an unfair advantage over the customers and turning them away, I did try Infuse 7 and paid one year. I really feel that I have been taking advantage and don’t want to have anything to do with this company anymore. They did manage to fix webdab speeds which is good, but hey the reputation is gone from my point of view. I wait Apple’s response on the refund and Ciao!

Infuse 7 was released nearly two years ago, on May 5, 2021.

Infuse 6 was released over 4 years ago, on March 28th, 2019.

What is your point? I purchased it at the end of the cycle, so how does it make me feel?

Not even $10 a year. Less than 3¢ a day. It’s got issues, but being overpriced isn’t one of them.

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Obviously, bad.

My point was: Given that Infuse 7 was released two years ago, it wasn’t likely you paid for Infuse 6 only a year ago; and regardless, Firecore didn’t break any promises because they upgraded every Infuse 6 subscriber for free as soon as Infuse 7 came out.

If you purchased Infuse 6 with a lifetime license, you’ve also purchased Infuse 7, Infuse 8, Infuse 9, etc. You should contact Firecore if unable to upgrade.

If you simply purchased 6 Pro, you didn’t purchase a lifetime license … but Firecore did offer you a free year of 7 Pro.

You can see which version you purchased by looking at your purchase history in the App Store, and you can also download Infuse 6 from there.

Infuse 6 if no longer in the regular App Store because it is obsolete.

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How do you know that this is not yet another piece of lie of a life time ofc? There was no lifetime for Infuse 6, Pro was meant for that looking at the price.

Anyway this is not about price but rather broken commitment. As I said this is a great product but handling such cases is extremely bad. Release a product that suppose to work and kill it as soon as possible and move for another money grab.

I mean I purchased a product that they had no intentions to support, I am not alone, have you counted all the one star ratings? There are not many because they removed the previous version and all bad reviews are gone. I just realized I fell twice for this scam, I am also a proud owner of Infuse 3 for $3, but this is nothing, compare to $79 for Infuse 6

You have already been told what to do. All purchases in the AppStore are stored. Find the receipt for the purchase of infuse 6 and send a screenshot here. It will become clear which version of infuse you bought. And after that, you can already give advice.


Because @james is Firecore.

Infuse 6 was updated over sixty times in the two and a half years since it was released. That’s not support?

How many times must you be told if you actually paid for a lifetime license — you have a lifetime license!

What does it provide me today?

I propose we stop here, I am not paying one more time for the item I thought I have already paid for. Firecore can enjoy their money grab! Bye!

Infuse 7. And when Infuse 8 comes out, you get that. And then 9, 10, 11 …

If you bought a lifetime license, you don’t have to.

But whatever, dude. Have fun.

In the past Infuse was available as both an in-app purchase and a standalone paid app. The reason being is for the longest time Apple did not support family sharing of in-app purchases, so we wanted to provide an option for people with multiple family members. These standalone paid apps included all updates until the next major release, and were priced around what ~2.5 years of an Infuse Pro subscription would be. So similar cost/value to having a subscription.

Since Apple started supporting sharing of in-app purchases in early 2021, there was no longer a need to have a separate standalone paid app (and having 2 apps was kind of confusing anyways) so these went away with the release of Infuse 7, which was released in May 2021. Now, all Pro upgrades are done in-app and will include automatic upgrades for all releases.

Going forward, Infuse Pro 6 will always be available to you (Apple doesn’t ever remove these from the App Store as far as I know), but it could potentially have issues due to updates to iOS/tvOS or other services that Infuse uses (like TMDB).

Should you ever have an interest in upgrading to v7, you can get a free year of Pro (a ~$10 value).