Infuse 6 pro is not working on tvOS 15 beta

Any update for infuse pro 6?

Infuse Pro 6 will receive a final update in the coming weeks once the migration to TMDb for TV show metadata fetching is complete. This update will likely include a few other fixes as well.

Updated tvos 15 to public beta on the new AppleTV 4K 2021 and Infuse Pro 6.6.5 (3587) launch video from the library when you press play, go to the home screen, everything worked on tvos 14.7, apparently in vain it was updated.


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Could you clarify what you mean by this?

What is happening with the public beta of 15? It is not playing the video or is it doing something different?

Click on any movie from the library to the place where playback movie exit Infuse to the Apple TV Home screen.

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Thanks, appreciate the clarification. :+1:

This is happening to me as well.

Infuse Pro 6 with 2021 Apple TV with newest public beta.

To wait the last update , i’m forced to subscribe for one month to infuse 7 pro because the App store don’t provide me the promised 1 year free subscription when you are old user of infuse 6 pro… whitch is normally specified in infuse :confused:

I bought Infuse Pro 4,5,6 I think that the version of Infuse Pro 7 should be free.

See this article

Hello, do you have an estimated date for the fix of the crash of Infuse 6 Pro under TVOS 15 ? (sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

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Your answer is in this post.

Unless I’m reading that wrong… So, when James said upcoming weeks over 3 weeks ago, it’s was more like 3 months away?

Has anyone reverted back to tvOS 14? Does it work again? I’ll either revert back or quit Infuse all together an move on to other options.

There might be an infuse 6 pro release for 7.1 which would come a bit sooner

I wouldn’t count on this since I strongly doubt that Firecore would do the final release of Infuse v6 before OS 15 has it public release. I’d guess they’ll wait till Infuse 7.1 is solid with the swap to TMDB and OS 15 before working on the final for V6 for OS 15 and TMDB compatibility. At least that’s what I’d guess with the proposed release dates in the upcoming features thread.

Timeline on the roadmap says mid September.

You can only revert on the regular AppleTV 4. The 4K does not have a USB port so the only way to revert is to exchange the unit at an apple store.

Hello Alex,

I have the same crash on my Apple TV 4K 2021, and tvOS 15 beta 3.
When will they fixe this bug?

Hello Alex,

I have the same crash with tvOS 15 beta 3, on my Apple TV 4K 2021.