Infuse 6 pro iCloud sync issue


I had 5 pro, iCloud sync worked well.
I bought “upgrade” version, I set up as new (because not synced with my 5 pro, I don’t know why not auto migrating…) and I started to use it on my Apple TV.
I downloaded to my iPhone, I started and I switched on the iCloud sync.
One folder appeared, but nothing other… No tv shows, movies, my Plex TV connection, my SMB shares, TRAKT link, nothing.

iCloud sync is switched ON on both device.

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to migrate data for streaming sources from the Infuse Pro 5 app to Infuse 6, but once your shares are set up in Infuse 6 they will sync over to all other devices which are running v6.

Hope this helps!

Unfortunatelly, the settings not synced between 2 infuse 6 pro app. Apple tv full setted up, iCloud sync is on, but my iphone 6 pro too is empty, iCloud sync on too.Of course same Apple id.Reinstalled, without success.

You may check to ensure the pre-requisites for iCloud Sync are all in place. More info on these can be found here.

Also, check to ensure Pro is active on all your devices (Pro logo should be visible in Settings).

Both pro.Folders synced already, but it seems trakt and Plex account linking not. That is why empty.