Infuse 6 pro from infuse 5 pro

hi guys,
just to be sure. I see the infuse 6 pro price is 27.99 eur (in Italy). I already have infuse 5 pro and I see from the bundle link that price is 26 eur.

I read a click baiting title "update for free for pro users) and the discount is only of 1.99 eur?

thanks and ciao

I was told it would be free or discounted for users of version 5 Pro.

And I find that I do not have the new free version or even a discount.

I bought all the Pro and lifetime versions.

And now they’re forcing me to pay back this is unheard of a robbery.

I Do Not understand why they do this to those of us who trust from the outset in the application and support it.

In The coming year they will return to do the same.

I got a message that tells me I would have the upgrade to version 6 Pro for having the 5 Pro for life.

Now I say no but I have a discount.

I Go to the link and the discount is almost €30!!!

Where’s the promised discount?

I too am confused as to how I update my 5 Pro installation to 6 Pro.

By paying the extremely high price.
I bought previous PRO version why should I have to pay again, this is ridiculous!

On top of that, they recommend downloading version 6, which is not playing files 5 Pro does.
Why should we do that, is that even legal?

Based om the marketing materials I assume this is just some technical glitch which firecore will have resolved shortly.

If you pay for the lifetime version, you better hope they will not be acquired in less than 5 years.
If you think this might happen, buy a year plan.

This happened to me with NEST.
I bought lifetime camera recording, and once Google acquired them, my plan was finished after a year.
New company, new rules. They lost many customers due to that.

To bad Firecore is skimming existing customers, instead of focusing on bringing new once.
It’s time to reach out to few publications and start giving a bad publicity.

I’m a lifetime Infuse 5 Pro user as well and was surprised I had to pay $25 for Infuse Pro 6 on my Apple TV. Thought this was a free upgrade.

Was a free upgrade from Infuse Pro 5 to Infuse 6 not to Infuse Pro 6.
Also the lifetime purchase is misleading and in violation of iTunes T&Cs.

Upgrade to Infuse 6 today…for free!

Infuse 6 is a free update for all Infuse Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime). Simply visit the App Store and all the new goodies will be ready and waiting for you.

Discounted upgrade options are available for those with the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app. Download the free Infuse 6 app and follow the prompts to upgrade to Pro -or- download the Infuse Pro 6 upgrade bundle.

If you’re new to Infuse, you can download Infuse 6 and test drive all the awesome new Pro features for free!

I am wondering if some of you may be experiencing issues because you have the incorrect app downloaded. Make sure you have downloaded Infuse 6 (NOT 6 Pro). The app labelled Infuse 6 Pro (or 5 Pro) is stand alone, you pay for just that version of the app and then have to pay again to upgrade. Whereas Infuse 6 (note no word PRO) is upgraded to Pro within the app via subscription or a once off lifetime fee.

This is clear. But this was not so clear in previous communications.

We are pro user too. This is not fair.
Then you can say whatever you want

Sorry for the confusion.

In essence, the in-app purhcase options will include all future updates. The standalone paid app would include updates for that specific version only.

If you have the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app, you can get a full credit of your purchase price when upgrading to a lifetime license, or a slightly smaller discount when purchasing the standalone Infuse Pro 6 bundle.

A bit more info on these options can be found here.

No, don’t put the link back because it’s not right.

If I’m pro I’m Pro is not a separate app.

Turns Out If you’re not Pro you have more advantages.

I went to the link and I appeared a lot of versions:


All put Pro then where is the offer and what is my version that is pro for life and do not charge me again next year.

So that we have Version 5 Pro is Stantalone and has no rights?

And another who buys the normal version and pays a little give the free version to 6 Pro.

I don’t know how you eat it.

You think this is clear!!!

Or maybe it’s to laugh about the ones we ve trusted since the beginning of you even from appletv 2.

In short, I paid for each of the versions.

So where’s the advantage of being a pro for life?

By chance, did you download Infuse Pro 5 using a promo code? If so, that would explain why the bundle pricing is higher, which I agree is confusing. In essence, Apple will credit you with the actual price paid for an app, so if a promo code was used then there wouldn’t really be a credit you can use.

With regard to the in-app options. The monthly, yearly, and lifetime options available in the free Infuse 6 app will cover all future updates. Since you’re upgrading from Pro v5, you have a discounted lifetime option available - which is the same as the normal lifetime license, just at a lower price.

No I pay for the 4 Pro and all the others and by the 5 I think so too.

The problem I was told would have a discount that I don’t see anywhere.

I’m not telling you this for saying.

But I am in groups and many where I help in configurations and problems.

And always in Appletv recommend and when I configure Nas to customers infuse them amount in their Appletv.

This I assure you that for me is over I will stay with the 5Pro because I have no discount or will be for life that I bought because I see many different prices and then you will say if you bought it one way or another.

If I have infuse 5 Pro I have the Pro because if I did not have it would be free.

And by the way the 5 Pro was the one that has had the most problems was incredible what we have suffered if the 6 Pro happens to him the same alerted that nobody buys it.

That they do not because they will never have help me after a year a week ago I was able to access my films by NFS you can see the open threads.

I could Never use that folder with infuse and suddenly in this last update was fixed just when you salt version 6 that chance.

I said I’ll keep the 5 Pro for life and hope so.

And It is true that I will never advise.

I Don’t do it for threats, it’s because it’s true.

You only refer us to the link where more than six different prices appear and no discount as I said last year, you will have a discount for having version 5 Pro.

But now version 5 Pro is no longer Pro is incredible.

I’m sorry I use a translator.

Don’t send that link because you don t say anything.

I have the Pro version.

And it turns out if it’s not pro you have advantages.

As I said in the forum, I have just recommended that it be infused.

I take the way I do, and I configure them with applettes and advice for any infusion in you, you see Plex or dsvideo.

I assure you this is over.

Now I’m advise Plex because they re gonna pay the same and they’re cutting.

And dsvideo is free.

I know you’re giving it the same.

But what they’ve done is amazing.

They’d have to have a little discount.

And we’d still be with the Infuse.

Or charge the same 12,99€ or a minimum.

Hi James,

Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t know it was possible to share the in-app pro future with family share using the same account.

Regarding the new 6 version, I’m sad to don’t see multi-user on Apple TV (multiple account, so watching list isn’t mess up by my teenager :-), “Rotten Tomatoes ratings” and “Search/browse by actor, director, writer”.

Infuse 5 was released end of 2016, I was thinking to get more futures in version 6 after 2 years and a half…

I’m hoping we don’t need to wait until Infuse 7 to see it!

They’ve marked the thread as "Solved” :-)) Ha Ha Ha

I do not know that the solution has echo that we remain unchanged without free update and without the possibility of getting a discount.

And finally if we buy the version 6 pro will again happen again.

Because Pro version is not pro to use the free to get the updates…

Would you prefer an option to purchase once and get all updates for the lifetime of the application?