Infuse 6 Pro file and folder browse capabilities?

Hi there, I love Infuse, it is by far the best way to simply stream and organize your personal mkv collection to your Apple TV 4k, awesome app!!

However I noticed when moving from Pro 5 to Pro 6 I know longer have the ability to navigate directly to files or folders. I can only see indexed files within the library view on my TV. This is great, like I mentioned, all for simple and easy, however is there a way to navigate manually and play folder or files that the library view is hiding such as “Extras” or trailers? I swear I used to be able to do with via my home screen shared drive shortcuts in Pro 5.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can browse folders directly using folder favorites. These are the orange star icons on the home screen.

More info on adding or removing favorites can be found here.

Awesome, that worked! Had to rename the folder something other than “Extras” and it shows up navigating from favorites. Thanks James!

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