Infuse 6 Pro can't upgrade to Infuse 7 pro

I had the infuse 6 pro, but in infuse 7, can not recover buy.

I buy infuse 6 pro in Apple TV, on 2020,FEB,4.

So, I need to re-buy in infuse 7 to upgrade PRO?

Same issue for me!

If you bought the standalone Infuse 6 Pro version and not the subscription monthly/yearly/lifetime you will need to chose a new subscription to get the pro features on the new version.

it means I buy a monthly subscription will get the lifetime version?

In Infuse 6, I remember only standalone Infuse 6 Pro version one choice, So who can free to upgrade to Infuse 7 pro version?

that’s what I expected too

If you purchased Infuse Pro 6 as a stand alone app then in order to upgrade to version 7 you will have to start a subscription by downloading Infuse 7 free app from the app store and then starting a subscription. Either a monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

If you choose the monthly or annual, you will continue to get free updates including major versions as long as you keep your subscription current.

If you choose the “Lifetime” subscription it’s a one time pay and you will then get all future updates including major version updates at no further cost and no recurring payments.

This is the best way to get all of the goodies in future updates without having to worry about monthly or annual payments. I went this way just to keep getting the good stuff and not having to remember to pay a subscription. :wink:

If you choose either a monthly or annual subscription you will lock in the price and you can continue that subscription at that price as long as you don’t let it lapse. If you let it lapse then you would have to restart at what ever the then current cost is.