Infuse 6 on iPad Mini 4 and Apple TV 4K

to-day, I installed Infuse 6 on my iPad mini 4.
connected the app to my Plex account and also to the available shares on my media-server.
all went well and everything works.

did the same on my Apple TV 4K.
but when I open a stored video to look at, there is immediately an update to Infuse Pro.
is this normal behaviour, or am I overlooking something ??

Welcome to the forum!

Some features, including playback of certain codecs, will require Pro. If you want to test everything out you can get a 30 day trial by starting a yearly subscription to Pro.

thank you.
but the thing is, that playing several files on my iPad Mini 4 simply works.
but playing the same files, from the same share, does not work.

apparently, there is a difference between the iOS version and the ATV4 version.