Infuse 6 Not following Plex Server sort order

Classic example: All of the Bourne movies, in Plex I have the ‘Sort Title’ set to Bourne 1, Bourne 2, etc… This way in Plex they show correctly in order of year produced BUT Infuse ignores ‘Sort Title’ thus the last movie titled Jason Bourne is displayed with the J’s. Many other examples of this in our 700 movie collection.

Bottom line Infuse 6 DOES NOT FOLLOW Plex “Sort Title”. Please, please get this corrected.


Hmm tested it with Alien movies and it works as expected

I have entered sorttitle. like Alien 1, Alien 2, Alien 3 …

When I change e.g. Alien 1 to Alien 9, the movie is shown after all other alien movies. When changed back to Alien 1, Movie is placed as first movie in again.

Edit: Tried with Bourne Movies, same result Movies are reordered in infuse after I changed sorttitle in PMS

Try it with SMB. While we get the folders at the top that we want. The sorting doebsn’t follow like it should.

We’re caught in no mans land. Really need either the standard interface to support showing folders at the top like smb or fix the smb so sorting on sort title works.

If you’re using SMB, you can take advantage of Infuse’s collection feature, which is available while browsing via the Library.

This will display a single item for the Bourne collection, and inside will list all the sequels based on their release date.

Just checked that out. Yup that does work. Got to say though its a bunch of work, you have to exit out to get back to the library, select library, key down to collections then select it. The unfortunate aspect is that this doesn’t deal with groupings like ‘chic flix’. Infuse 6 would be so much easier if it would just support showing folders as Plex Server does or like you get if using SMB.

I know it’s not Plexcollections but you can also create a favorite for the library “Collections” so it’s on the home screen and you wouldn’t have to drill down in the library. Instructions are here Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

Yes, I’ve played with it. Bottom line I would have to spend a bunch of time in Plex dealing with 700+ movies in order to make this a viable solution. The simple solution is to have Infuse 6 support showing folders as thumbs at the top of the grid just like it does if using SMB. SMB does have some limitations.

Not doubting you but what limitations in SMB are you referring to? Maybe there are workarounds that could help.

Not sure if this is a SMB quirk or possibly what I’ve done (incorrectly?) but if I use SMB not all of the movies show up in order, ergo my first & second comments. For example, the entire Bourne series shows up correctly (alphabetically in the B’s) using Infuse & Plex, but with SMB the last movie ‘Jason Bourne’ is found down in the ‘J’ section. There are others like this as well when using SMB.

Have you tried browsing your movies using the Library when using SMB? As mentioned above, this will group sequels together into a single collection.

For example, these films would all appear in ‘The Bourne Collection’.

Additionally, using the Library with a Plex share will allow Infuse to respect the Sort Order set in Plex.