Infuse 6 news?

My query was about “family sharing” of infuse AppStore subscription, not multi user environment features.

since iOS review process takes ~8 days the new version should be finished already hopefully
can someone who does have actual information tell us the status?
please don’t just point me to an old thread

I’m getting anxious too. The way I look at it is that with the major under the hood changes with V6 like the all new iCloud based libraries and the revamped playback core Firecore is playing it very safe so we don’t end up changing over to the new iCloud system and then having to revert back and rebuild everything all over only to repeat with a new release again

I’m eager to see the new changes but I sure don’t want to end up trashing everything and starting from square one just to get something quickly. Everything I need is working so things I “want” can wait a few days more if it means better stability. :wink:

Cloud changes were implemented in 5.9 already, 4.5 months ago:

“Cloud streaming has been totally revamped in 5.9. We’ve added support for Box, Google Team Drives, and OneDrive for Business along with a massive dose of reliability and speed to allow things to work better than ever before.”

It was announced in november and reconfirmed in march, that version 6 will be released in the first quarter. I really hope they deliver, even if there would be necessary updates later (there always are). I have teo people waiting to buy the standalone pro version since november/december, three including me, but I have the prom4 and pro 5 as well.

Cloud streaming yes, not the new iCloud based libraries. That is a MAJOR change and may be taking some fine tuning.

While they may target a release date it’s still just a target, software development is like the weather forecast vs what falls from the sky can sometimes be very different.

Bought a year subscription hearing they would release infuse 6 first quarter. Actually I bought two subscriptions because I was tired of infuse logging me out of my trakt account and ruining family sharing.

I guess if they release the day before April 1st it’s still accurate, but disappointing.

I’ve been a developer for 20 years and it’s never been like weather forecast. There usually are set dates for reaching each phase of the development. Statistics how many features have been implemented and tested are very strictly watched. If we were about to miss a deadline we usually worked harder and longer and definitely had to communicate with our customers about every delay.

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Everything I say about what’s going on with Infuse is strictly speculation since I’m not privy to the inside daily operations.

I just find it interesting that so many are up in arms about being “late” when everything I’ve read says they still haven’t missed their estimated time frame yet.

I haven’t noticed anyone saying they would be late. People just mostly hope they will deliver on time as promised. That’s why we wanted information from someone, who doesn’t have to speculate.

LOL, someone needs to put their life in perspective. A targeted software release date is not a legally binding contract with you. Issues can arise during the approval process and last minute bugs can be found as well. This happens every day of the week with billion dollar companies, and small shops like Firecore have an even tougher task with much fewer resources. Just relax, it will get released when it’s ready.

I only bought the (two) subscription(s) to beat the update coming out, because they will probably raise prices.

The language used implies as much.

People can be disappointed that “Early 2019” apparently means days before Q2 begins, especially if it’s a “service” they pay for.

Speak of the devil…Just saw the update, added it to my devices.

Excited to play around with the new Files and cloud features.

Nice to see the price is the same, too.

Not sure what you mean by same price. Bought Infuse Pro (4) for 9.99€, Infuse Pro 5 for 13.99€ and have the option to get Infuse Pro 6 for a discounted price of 25€. Pretty steep…

I was referring to the subscription.

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Looks like they nailed “1st quarter 2019”

Infuse (and this forums helpers) continues to impress.

Just barely, but we made it. :wink:

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Will the app simply upgrade in place or do I have to find a v6 and install and migrate things?

If you had the free ‘Infuse 5’ app, this will automatically update and change to ‘Infuse 6’.

If you have the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app, you would need to either download Infuse 6 or Infuse Pro 6 manually.

More info on the options for upgrading from Infuse Pro 5 can be found here.

I had the free v5 and then bought a subscription. It updated itself in place. Thank you.

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