Infuse 6 losing items in Plex


Sorry if this has come up, I don’t see it in the search. I happily upgraded to version 6 (Pro), linked it to Plex, but it’s steadily lost items since setting it up. Have 500ish movies and it’s down to 460ish – we noticed things falling out of a nighttime playlist.

Have forced rescan, have deleted metadata, nothing seems to pull those 40ish movies back in. Plex app sees all movies, but nothing plays like infuse!

What should I do next?


Could it be dropping duplicates?

No, unless you believe items with multiple versions (HD, 4K) would be excluded for some reason? There are items with multiple versions that haven’t gone missing yet. What other information can I provide?

I was thinking it may be seeing the same file in duplicate shares that it got with the start of the sync. When I first ran v6 it doubled my library of both movies and TV episodes. It had pulled the icloud info from two other ATVs and added the shares together. Once it finished it had eliminated the duplicates and it was back to normal. Maybe it did the same with you but for a single share?

Do you know what movies are missing? and if you do, are they by chance in the “Other” category?

I’ve narrowed this down to movies with multiple versions (4K, HD), I have a small encoded library which is not indexed by infuse that has 720p versions of movies that infuse still sees at full resolution.

If you’re using Plex, and have items linked together Infuse will display those as a single item, with the option to select a resolution when playing.

Are these movies missing from Infuse’s library, or are you just going off the total movie counts shown in Settings > Library?

Short answer: missing from both. Plex also attributes these as one item, so they’re missing from the poster-list view, and from the overall count. What other data could I provide?

I’m seeing the same problem. For example, I have all 8 Harry Potter Movies in my Library, with at least 2 versions, 4k and 1080p and after the 6.0 upgrade, Infuse only sees Harry Potter 5.
I am using a Plex server. Plex clients see all 8 movies, all versions.

If you have a chance, can you send in a quick report from your Apple TV so we can look into this?

Ticket 116835 has the code

I submitted my log as well - ticket 116844.

This has been resolved for the upcoming 6.0.4 release, which should be out early next week.

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