Infuse 6 immediate crash on Apple TV HD

The system on my Apple TV HD is up to date. Infuse, for the first time ever, is crashing immediately today. Can’t even get it to stay up long enough to see what version it is. Current version of Infuse works fine on my iPhone 12 and can AirPlay to the Apple TV!
How can I troubleshoot this?

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First, try restarting the ATV. Second, when you say your ATV is up to date, what version of software are your running? Beta version by any chance?

If you still can’t launch Infuse without it crashing I’d suggest you delete the Infuse app and reinstall it.

TVos 14.4. I will try reinstall next. Thanks . . . .

I take it that means that just restarting the ATV didn’t help. If it’s any consolation, I’ve had a few apps in the past that for some reason get corrupted applying an update through the app store and a delete, and reinstall solved all the problems.

Let us know if you have problems after the reinstall. :wink:

Tried delete and reinstall. No go. It just quits after about 10 seconds or so . . .

Would it by chance be lasting long enough to get to the settings and scroll down to “Submit Diagnostics”? If so just make sure to grab the code it produces.

Also just to make sure we’re on the same page, how are you restarting your ATV?

I’ve not tried a re-power restart, only the internal command, so I will try that too. The more times I try starting IF the quicker it seems to crash so I’m not going to try the diagnostics gig too many times . . . .

We’ve resolved a specific crash in the upcoming 6.6.2 version, so it might be worth trying the 6.6.2 beta to see if this helps.

You can download the 6.6.2 beta via TestFlight by following this link.

OK I will try that as soon as I can. Thanks . . . .

I’m lost. How do I get an Invitation Code for TestFlight on my Apple TV? Email? How?

OK got the beta to download v.6.6.2 (3471) Still crashes pretty quick, but I did get a code to email QQ67J.

All is well now. Restored ATV to factory/system update and reinstalled apps. Also deleted some files on the server that may have caused the problem. Sent diagnostic data with code FG0F9. Thanks, everyone, for looking in.

So everything is working with the release version of Infuse now?

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