Infuse 6: iCloud & Trakt Syncing

In reading over the iCloud & Trakt Syncing document (iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore), I understand that Trakt is no longer necessary for “Watched history” and “Playback position for in-progress items,” which were truly the only things I wanted, which is now native to Infuse v6.

Under the Trakt section, though, it mentions “Ratings and comments.” I suspect ratings are my own ratings, but what are comments?

Also, what changes occur under the hood when I log out of my Trakt account on all devices? I guess what I’m asking is whether this would offer a slight boost in performance or decrease in storage when updating information, as Trakt no longer needs to be updated. I ultimately want Infuse to run as lean as possible. Even just knowing there is one less company extracting data from me is a plus. Besides the family sharing stuff, what other benefit to Trakt would I be missing out on when I log out of it?

Somewhat related to this conversation, the document doesn’t seem to make mention that the entire metadata of libraries, excluding images, can now be synced into iCloud; it still just mentions “Manual metadata corrections (corrections for mismatched titles).”

Ratings are your own and if you use Trakt, they can sync with other apps, not just infuse, if you ever moved to something else in the future, or maybe use something different for your computer. Comments are added on iOS and you can view them on trakt’s website only. They show up with other comments on movie page. I would imagine some performance boost, but not much. Another think that trakt can do is save your viewing history. So this will show you how many times you have watched something, as opposed to just watched or not watched. It can give you statistics about your viewing. One feature that may interest you is coming in the near future is support for a watchlist. This is a feature that Trakt supports and I do not know if it will be implemented with iCloud too, or just trakt.

Thanks for the insight.

One thing I noticed is that when I’m logged into Trakt, my watch history is reflected in Infuse, but when logged out, the watch history goes with it. I would have expected that operation to update iCloud’s local watch history as well–at least that’s what I had hoped–but it does not.