Infuse 6 + HEVC + AirPlay + Apple TV 4K

Hi all,

I currently have an issue when I try to send HEVC HDR videos to my Apple TV 4K from my iPhone or iPad. Videos don’t play correctly so sometimes only the sound is displayed on the TV or I just have a black screen. Of course, the same videos work properly when they are played on the iOS device or directly from the Infuse app from the Apple TV (I don’t have the same issue with x264 videos).

Can you please tell me if x265 HDR videos are supposed to work properly via AirPlay with an Apple TV 4K?

Thank you.

Airplay protocol doesn’t support HDR HEVC. All info I could find is that Airplay only supports 1080p SDR

Ok thank you. I don’t know which format Apple uses for their TV shows from the Apple TV app but Dolby Vision works fine via AirPlay (I did not try HDR videos).

When air playing some content from other apps such as iTunes content the app won’t actually airplay the content from the device. It’ll tell the app on the Apple TV to natively stream the TV optimized version of the media directly from the cloud.

Ah ok I did not know that!

Thanks again.

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