Infuse 6->Google Drive "Error Playing Content"

Took 2-3 days to correct all the metadata errors (my fault), constantly renaming and moving files, then updating Infuse.

When I started this, everything played without problem. Now nothing plays, all I get is “An Error Has Occurred” “An Error has occurred loading this content”. Is this the famous Google Drive lockout and if so how do I find this out.

I can play the content fine with the Google Drive app.



At times, Google can place a temporary limit on your account if it senses you are accessing too many files in a small amount of time.

This will usually clear itself up within a few hours, so give it a try later today.

Thanks, that was it. Everything streaming well today. I have to say, having installed v6 on an iPad Pro, iPhone XS and Apple TV4K, all devices kept in-sync via iCloud, Infuse has moved from a nice product that was secondary to Plex, to being a realistic contender for my main viewing app. It works very well with Google Drive (better than Plex ever did).

I’ve now decided to use it as my primary app for the next month. I will still use Plex for viewing sync’d content offline when travelling for the time being.

Great job with v6.



Awesome! That’s great to hear. :slight_smile: