Infuse 6 for older devices?

I really love infuse. Their nothing compared to it. There is just one problem. My iPad is a really old 1st gen iPad air and doesn’t support ios 13 which is required by infuse 7. it would be nice if infuse 6 returned to the app store as a separate app from infuse 7

I’m pretty sure if you do a search on the app store for “Firecore” you can still purchase the stand alone version Infuse Pro 6.

true but I have the subscription version

I was just giving you an option if you wanted to place Infuse on the older device.

There is no more subscription version of Infuse 6. Sorry.

ok thx bro too bad look like have to buy a new ipad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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At least it’s only an ipad, I’m trying to figure out how to get a mac new enough to run Infuse 7 on Big Sur fast enough. LOL. :wink:

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Infuse 7 does require iOS 13, however, if you browse the Infuse 7 page from a device running an older version of iOS it should allow you to download the last compatible version.

This would give you Infuse 6 (or some other version depending on how old the device is).

This will allow most things to work just fine. Just keep in mind, you won’t be able to use iCloud Sync between Infuse 7 and older versions (Trakt should still work though).

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When I try to download this is what appears

Hmm, when did you first download Infuse? Was it after the 7.0 release?

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Ahh ok I was using a different Apple ID. Went back to my old Apple ID and it worked!!!

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