Infuse 6 for iOS 12 with Infuse 7 subscription?

Hi guys,

I just recently fired up an old iPad of mine and wanted to give it to my daughter permanently but one of the uses for it was to have her access our library through infuse. Unfortunately it can only run Infuse 6 but I can’t find the standard infuse on the App Store and was wondering if it’s possible for me to have her run 6 with my infuse 7 subscription?

Yes. The subscription will work in both v6 an v7.

Some more info on Family Sharing can be found here.

Thanks James. The only other issue I’m having is that I can’t see the free version of Infuse in the App Store, only the paid version of Infuse Pro 6. How do I get access to the subscription version in the App Store if it’s no longer listed?

This is listed as ‘Infuse 7’ in the App Store, however if you attempt to download this on a device running iOS 12 it will give you Infuse 6 (6.6.5) instead.

Hmm. I did try that before I posted here and it didn’t provide me with it. It just told me the app required a newer version of iOS. The iPad is running iOS 12 with the latest updates.

I’ll try it again when I’m home and post a screenshot of the message.

You can also try browsing through your list of purchased apps and see if that works.

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So it’s a little complicated but I figured it out. When my daughter is signed in with her iCloud account she can’t download infuse 7 on her account. It doesn’t grab version 6 but instead says version 7 is incompatible with ios12. If I sign her out of her iCloud account and sign the App Store in with mine and go to the purchase history and download Infuse 7, it grabs version 6. I can then sign her back in and everything seems to work.

What I’m not seeing is any of my library from iCloud syncing. Now, I am using V7 everywhere else. Would 6 not sync with 7’s metadata?

EDIT: I’m also signed in as her iCloud account on the iPad so could that be the issue with the metadata sync?

There are a few limitations with regard to iCloud Sync.

  1. Infuse cannot sync data between different iCloud accounts
  2. iCloud syncing was revamped in v7, so unfortunately v6 won’t be able to sync with v7

Thanks. I figured as much. I still wish you guys gave us a way to copy and move the metadata in iCloud for this reason. Any reason it’s hidden from us as users?

Infuse uses iCloud’s database features, and this info cannot be accessed by browsing iCloud Drive in Finder or the Files app.

That’s too bad. As someone who backs up things religious this would be a great option to have. I still find Infuse can’t recognize a lot of my content and every time I lose the database when I change servers etc I have to redo all the metadata. It’s a pain in the you-know-what.

Otherwise though, I do love the product.

If you’re changing servers that often maybe the problem videos could be renamed to allow them to be correctly fetched so you wouldn’t have to manually do it.

I’d be happy to help with that if you want to post the video file names you’re having to manually find I’ll see if we can figure out a file name that works. :+1:

Thanks! It’s weird stuff that I seem to have problems with. For instance, I ripped A Quiet Place to an ISO and it was name d A Quiet Place.iso and Infuse keeps seeing it as part 2. I ripped my Part 2 to ISO and it sees that as part 2 as well. I have my Alien 3 ripped and it’s called Alien 3 and it doesn’t see it as anything. I have Aliens ripped to Aliens.iso and it sees it as Cowboys vs Aliens. Star Wars a New Hope is ripped to A New Hope.iso and it sees it as some other weird movie.

Try these
A Quiet Place 2018.iso
A Quiet Place Part II 2021.iso
Alien 3 1992.iso
Aliens.iso should probably be Alien 1979.iso (no “s”)

Will work on the rest in a bit. :wink:

And for the last one “Star Wars a New Hope” is actually “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope” with the original title of, you guessed it, “Star Wars 1977.iso”

The original Star Wars. :wink:

Thanks! So does infuse then pull the exact name as seen on your imdb screen grab? If so, that’s easy enough for me to check up when I’m ripping and then copy and paste the name when I’m naming the iso as opposed to using the ripper program’s default name.

No, it will use the name on TMDB which is the original name “Star Wars” so when you want to check a name the one that will be used comes from TMDB and if you encounter issues like this you can check IMDb and see if there are multiple names for the same movie. TMDB usually nails the correct name as it does on this since it’s the original name.

Here’s the TMDB page for this same movie.

Adding the year to the name will get it correct most of the time where when you have no year it will be a guess as to which one you wanted.

Hope I didn’t muddy the waters for you on this.

It boils down to a couple of things to do, make sure you have the year immediately after the name and verify the name on TMDB. :wink:

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No, not at all! That’s actually super helpful. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for taking the time to help! Much appreciated.

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Since you pointed me to the database I haven’t had a single issue with artwork being found based on my naming convention. :+1:

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