Infuse 6 download films to ixpand

Hi Firecore

Really enjoying the update to infuse 6, thanks for all the great work you guys do!

Just wondered how and if I can now download a movie directly from infuse to my ixpand drive on my iPad rather than having it stored locally? Space is premium on my iPad as it only has 16gb.

Thanks again


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Same question :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is not available at this time.

Moving over to Suggestions.

Thanks James,

After more testing, even by Downloading into Files/Infuse, there is no way to transfer it to ixpand, with iOS file manager or Sandisk app :frowning:

The only way is to download with a PC/Mac then transfer files to the USB key with the PC/Mac, then plug the ixpand key to the iPhone/iPad.