Infuse 6 crashes on startup

So infuse 5 has auto updated to V6. Now every time it launches it crashes back to the home screen after a few seconds. Reboot of Apple TV makes no difference

Awesome new features might be great but stability surely is even more important. Right now I have an unusable product and I’m not happy

Issue is present for both tvOS 12.1.2 and 12.2

I had a similar problem after updating from Infuse 5 to 6 where it crashed at a certain point of the library update after I opened Infuse 6. I just went ahead and deleted & re-installed Infuse 6 and had it re-index everything. Everything’s working smoothly ever since.

Thanks. Reinstall is something I’d prefer to avoid since that is not a guarantee and means setting up all my folders, icons and ordering all over again :-(. A high price to pay for something imposed upon me. Of course I may have no choice other than to switch to MrMC which does work

Sorry about that.

We have a few other reports of this, and will be releasing an update with a fix very soon.

Good to know James. I eventually bit the bullet, uninstalled and started over again. After about an hour of setup all is again working. Since I have a second aTV on the same account and with Infuse 6 working I was hoping something would copy back from the cloud, but nothing did. I had a complete new setup. No shares, no metadata, nothing :frowning:

We’ve tracked this down, and included a fix in 6.0.1 which we have submitted to Apple today.

For a bit of background, in some cases old metadata from v5 was blocking Infuse from uploading things to the new iCloud in v6, and resulted in a crash.

Thanks for your patience.

6.0.1 was just approved, and should be rolling out on the App Store shortly. :slight_smile:

This is an issue for me this whole past month. Updated and current on all apps/software.

Are you saying that you just updated to version 6 of Infuse from 5? Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

I started with 6 in June. Since July it has been crashing immediately on start and won’t get past that on iPad mini. Have deleted and installed multiple times.

Have you sent in diagnostics and opened a trouble ticket? For future reference you may want to start a new thread when your problem is different than that of the original poster and the thread has been marked as solved for them.

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