Infuse 6 crash (AppleTV 4k)

Hi guys, I need your help!
This morning I up-graded my “Infuse 5 PRO” app on my AppleTv 4K (one year subscription) to Infuse 6. The new app was chrashing after 5 seconds (no way to solve the crash, I restart several times my AppleTV).
After several attempts to make it works (without success) I had the “brilliant” idea to cancel the app thinking that will be easy to reinstall the old “Infuse 5 PRO” app…
But now when I try to reinstall the “Infuse 5 PRO” (the one year PRO subscription in valid until middle of May 2019) the AppStore is asking me to subscribe for a new licence (€16,99).
My question is: how I can install again the old app using the still valid subscription? In AppStore there is NO way to install “Infuse 5 lite” or a trial version.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help & support!


Reinstall Infuse 6 (the free version) then restore your pro subscription within the app.

Thank you very much, Jarvis!

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