Infuse 6 coming soon! (update: now available!)

We're happy to announce that we'll be releasing Infuse 6 in the first quarter of 2019! ? ? Infuse 6 will include some fantastic new features we can't wait to share with you (a sneak peak at some of these can be found here here).

Those who subscribe (monthly, yearly, lifetime) to Pro now can start enjoying all the current Pro features right away—then receive a free, automatic upgrade to v6 once it's available next year! ? If you're already subscribed to Pro, you'll also be upgraded automatically.

For those that purchased the standalone Infuse Pro 5 (paid) app, we'll have options for migrating to a subscription, or a new v6 standalone paid app. More info on these options as well as pricing will be available once we get closer to the release of Infuse 6.

Stay tuned for more info and updates!

Update 3/11/19: Infuse 6 will be available in late March 2019.

Update 3/28/19: Infuse 6 is now available!


I’m a lifetime Pro user but since I can’t share it with Trakt (all four of us in my family have our own Trakt profile to keep track of individual watch status) everyone uses the Pro app on their iOS device. Any chance to improve multi-user support so I don’t need to buy the standalone Pro app again?

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