Infuse 6 cannot login to SMB share

I’ve just updated Infuse to v6.0.3 and unfortunately I can’t connect to any of the SMB shares on my Centos 7 Linux server any more. I’ve tried recreating the share but the result is always the same: “Your username and password combination isn’t right. Please try again.”

The only setting which appears to log me in correctly is the ‘Legacy’ option for SMB, but it’s extremely slow and I can’t browse any shared folders to add as a favourite due to this error: “Sorry, infuse encountered an error while trying to connect”.

I know my username and password are correct as I can connect to the same share via the Mac straight away. The Centos server hasn’t been updated either, so there can’t be any issues with that.

Has something changed significantly with this version with regards to SMB shares? How can I help diagnose this as I’ll be lost without my Infuse app :-/


It looks like it’s just the AppleTV version too as both the iPad and iPhone versions of 6.0.3 work fine with the same share and credentials.

Sorry, we’ve addressed a bug that may be related to this for the 6.0.4 update, which should be out early next week.

In the meantime, can you try the following to see if it resolves what is going on?

  1. Disable iCloud sync
  2. Re-enter username and password in Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit
  3. Attempt to connect

Thanks for getting back to me James.

So I’ve just gone to set this up and try what you’ve asked, and low and behold my network share is now working. I had left the share as it was last night, when I was getting username and password errors, and changed nothing else on the server or on the Apple TV and it appears to have cured itself.

The only issue now is that the AppleTV which is connected via WiFi buffers a LOT now, it never used to, but the hard wired AppleTV (4K) works as normal.

So, dunno… why would it suddenly start working?

SMB on Linux is a little bit of a mess. Any reason you’re not using NFS?

No idea to be honest, I’ve always just used SMB probably because I can still connect my ahem Amiga to SMB shares :slight_smile:

I might look into NFS though, thanks for the pointer.

6.0.4 is now available, and should resolve this issue.

Please try installing this update on all your devices and let us know if the issue persists.

I’m not convinced it’s solved in 6.0.4. My issue is that the iOS version on my iPad will say that it can’t connect to my share (a NAS) and I usually have to put in the password to the NAS to solve this and save it. About 24-48 hours later, I’ll find the tvOS app reporting the same issue…and the solution is the same…and so begins a game of tennis, jumping between connectivity issues on either the iPad or AppleTV. It’s as though the password being sent via iCloud sync is corrupted? Do I need to disable iCloud syncing?

So far so good for me; I did a quick test last night and I could add and browse my SMB share immediately. I’ve not tried the streaming, or the ability to add a share on the other AppleTV yet but I’ll do that as soon as I’m back tonight.

This is one of the issues which we have addressed in the 6.0.4 update.

The update shouldn’t require any interaction from you to allow things to start working again. However, if you want to start fresh and ensure syncing is working correctly, you can remove the existing share from one of your devices (it should also then be removed from other devices automatically). Then, set up a new share with the correct username and password.

If after doing this you are still experiencing trouble, we’d love to take a deeper look, and sending in a report from on your devices after the issue appears is the best way to do this.

Great to hear! :smiley:

Thanks James. I have just updated to 6.0.5 on my iPad, iPhone and AppleTV after deleting the share. I will add them back in on the aTV and see how I go with sync enabled across devices. If the issue continues, I will be in touch.

Thanks, Phil

Just a follow up…I’m not seeing the issue any more (I left it a few weeks before coming back to post this) so I do believe it’s resolved.

Thanks James!