Infuse 6 can’t play HDR10 Movie with HDR mode

Can’t play HDR10 Movie with HDR mode.
infuse 6 + Apple TV 4K + Sony TV x9300e

Apple TV Settings:
Video Mode: 4K 60hz SDR
Match Dynamic Range: Enabled
Match Frame Rate:Enabled

The same movie in Infuse 5.9.6 is working well…

Technical details: HGMX4

Please check this issue ASAP!

Is this affecting other HDR videos, or just this one?

Would you mind letting us know the name of the video you are having trouble with?

Lastly, can you try restarting the Apple TV, as sometimes this can help with switching (in Infuse and other apps).

I have the same tv, HDR videos are playing just like before for me. Hope you figure it out!

I restarted Apple TV and the problem was fixed.
Thank you James.

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