Infuse 6 audio delay

Hello! So I’m a subscriber to Infuse, and I’ve noticed that Infuse 6 has weird audio delays. This has been going on for a while, and I’ve reported it via the email report thing but I usually get back the standard responses so I figured I’d start a forum post for it.
I also have the standalone app for Infuse 5 which I purchased before and it does not have the same delay testing on the same files on the same hardware configuration, which is curious.

I am using:

  • The Infuse 6 subscriber app (not the standalone purchase)
  • Sony X900E 4K TV
  • Samsung HWK-850 3.1.2 Atmos soundbar
  • Apple TV 4K, audio set to AUTO with Atmos ON.
  • Belkin high-speed HDMI cables to connect it all. (Apple TV 4K goes directly into soundbar HDMI port, which is then connected to the TV via the ARC port.)
  • A Plex server, running from my Windows 10 machine.

The audio is also only desynced when I use auto match frame rate on the ATV4K, but I watch a lot of movies as well as EU content and American content, so turning it off makes motion look super weird. Audio is also NOT desynced if I tell the Apple TV 4K to convert to Dolby Digital 5.1 over using the AUTO setting, but then I don’t get Atmos or lossless audio (from blu-ray rips etc.) which is kind of the point of using Infuse in the first place. Audio also goes back to being synced if I start playing an episode, pause it and then scrub back to the beginning and hit play again.

My setup only has an auto sync option on the TV itself which is basically “on” or “off” which doesn’t fix it. The soundbar can delay audio, but it’s universal and would delay all audio across all inputs which isn’t a great solution.

Meanwhile, if I play the exact same movies or tv shows on my standalone Infuse 5 app, everything is perfectly fine. No sync issues or anything. Exact same setup. Other apps are seemingly not affected either. HBO, Netflix, Apple TV+, all of them are synced but not Infuse 6.
Honestly, it would make more sense if audio was desynced across all apps or something, but the fact that it is only desynced in Infuse 6 when using auto match frame rate and/or using AUTO on the Apple TV 4K’s audio is pretty strange.

Does it start out being in sync at the beginning and slowly get out of sync later, or out of sync from the beginning? Are you using variable speed or 1x?

It looks like it’s out of sync all the time, but if I start an episode, pause it, scrub back to the start and then hit play it becomes synced again.

I’m using the normal/1x speed.

Infuse might be the only one that is sending PCM, but everything else is sending Dolby digital so that may be why just infuse is having an issue. Maybe your soundbar doesn’t like PCM? Can you delay just PCM sources? That doesn’t explain 5 vs 6 though.

Apple TV 4K decodes and outputs everything as LPCM. So yeah, it doesn’t explain anything really. I was wondering, is there a way to factory reset or fully restore Infuse somehow? Perhaps there’s some setting that is corrupt or broken in my setup for Infuse 6, seeing as it’s the only app causing issues?