Infuse 6, ATV 4th Gen, SMB via Time Capsule, Reconnect fails, Hard kill of Infuse required to recover

Since a couple of weeks I face the issue that whenever I quite Infuse gracefully (bringing into background) and reopening it at a later time (few seconds, minutes or after waking up ATV) I get a message that a failure has occurred when trying to playback. Cached metadata gets loaded but when opening a movie it fails or when trying to browse a directory on the share saved as favourite that is not in the media library fails. Also in settings when trying to browse the share it fails. Only workaround is force quitting / killing Infuse and then reopening it. After that playback works as intended until I gracefully quite Infuse again. Then aforementioned issue occurs.

I’m using the newest Infuse 6 Pro, ATV 4th Gen, An SSD attached to Time Capsule. Sharing Protocol is SMB. Media are 1080p movies encoded in x265, around 4-5GB each. Network (WLAN) has very good signal strength… no issue. Accessing this Share from macOS always works instantly without problems.

I think there is something wrong in Infuse as this issue/behaviour is quite new (few weeks) and I never faced it before despite using Infuse for a long time and very regularly.
Any suggestions order ideas?