Infuse 6 and TV Series Poster override

Hello everybody,

first of all please excuse my english, but i am no native speaker.

I’ve bought infuse yesterday and the one thing which is driving me crazy are the posters for the tv season ?
I need to override the online metadata because, as you can see in my example, the season posters have not the correct design.

Based on the guideline and some forum posts I’ve prepared the folders just as i think i should.
But after i try to edit the season metadata on my AppleTV or the episodes on my IPad nothing changes.

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks & Regards

Welcome to the forum!

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP/DLNA to connect, by chance?

One other thing to keep in mind is the image overrides will only be available while browsing your shows via the Library (Home or Search/Browse tabs).