Infuse 6 and Apple TV 4K

So I got alerted to the new release of Infuse 6 today and checked it out as it is free for Pro users.

So of course I went to look for it and it’s not free at all. After installing the app, I went to play something in my library and nothing will play because it takes you to a subscription page where you have to make a choice or exit.

So - totally not an improvement over 5 at all. But here’s the thing - it’s like $55 for a permanent purchase (5 was about $20) - but it’s only $35 in the Apple App Store.

I’ve forwarded the email, screenshots displaying all this to a lawyer friend who works in fraud.

Why not just be upfront about the limitations.

It feels sleazy.

Which is a shame because 5 has been the backbone of my streaming setup for quite some time

Well it seems you don’t understand the options. The $35 ($25 for 5) is for the one time purchase that locks you into a specific major version (5 for the 5 and 6 for the 6). If an new version comes out (such as if you have 5 or eventually when 7 comes out if you have 6) you’d need to buy Infuse again if you want the new version features.

The $55 is the lifetime subscription cost where you would get all updates regardless of version.

There is nothing “sleazy” about it. It’s been made clear multiple times and there is even a sticky in this very forum explaining things.

I wouldn’t say it is sleazy. From what I can see they are doing it reasonably well… You can keep using version 5 by downloading that version or you can upgrade to 6 if you think it is worth it.

This isn’t any different that any other software vendor out there. Buying Office 2016 didn’t give you free access to office 2019 however subscribing to office 365 does.

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A lawyer… really…?

Maybe just read up on how the different options works… Saves your lawyer wasting his time…

LMAO, this guy’s got a “lawyer friend who works in fraud”. I bet he’s totally going to tell his dad about it too. You seem like the kind of person who always asks for a manager at every store you visit.

Someone needs to chill out, this is basically a new platform that will have significant additional updates. Just look at all the major (and free) updates provided to Infuse 5.

Ya’ll acting like a bunch of entitled babies that didn’t get their way. Did you want more features in this update and aren’t willing to wait for them to be rolled out? Simple solution, DON"T BUY IT YET.

But I guess wasting your time crying about it on a forum makes you feel betty?

Reading the forums