Infuse 6/7 pro confusion and problem

I recently restored an iPad Pro 9.7" from a fresh backup and to my INTENSE irritation rather than restoring the previously installed version of Infuse, Infuse 7 was installed. I believe the prior installed version was Infuse 6 Pro, since that is the version installed on my other primary iPad.

My iOS purchase history shows an unpaid download and install in 2017… of Infuse 7!

I can’t find a record of a paid purchase of Infuse Pro 6 but the version of 6 that remains very unambiguously identifies itself as Infuse Pro 6, not Infuse 6. My local user account here does not show a direct purchase, but I think I must have done so.

Infuse 7 will not allow me to play any media back and an attempted restore fails.

So to recap: I seem to have previously had a purchased version of Infuse Pro 6 but I cannot find a record of the transaction. Could it be that the Infuse Pro 6 that I had installed on both iPads was actually Infuse 6? Was there a free tier? I don’t think there was.

Anyway, what I would LIKE is to reinstall the missing app. I have reviewed the terribly confusing and unattractive pricing and purchase options and the direct method to do this is just to buy the grandfathered Infuse Pro 6… which it sure seems like I already did.

Any way through this? I am plenty confused.

Sorry for the confusion.

The current ‘Infuse 7’ app was originally released as ‘Infuse 5’ in 2016. It was then updated and renamed to ‘Infuse 6’ in 2019, and now ‘Infuse 7’ in 2021.

In the past we offered both via in-app and a standalone paid app versions of Pro (mainly to workaround Apple’s limitations with Family Sharing). Apple started allowing Family Sharing for in-app purchases earlier this year, so with v7 there is just a single app with in-app purchases.

Developers can’t access your purchase history, but you can view past transaction history in the App Store by following this guide.

Those who purchased one of the standalone apps in the past can get a free year of Pro through the free Infuse 7 app. Details on this process can be found here.

Hm, let me narrow it down here. Did the old Infuse 6 iOS display in-UI badging identifying it as Infuse 6 Pro?

Yes, if you had upgrade to Pro in the free Infuse app, then it would have displayed the ‘Infuse Pro’ badge in the Settings menu.

This confusion between versions is one of the big reasons we’re simplifying things with Infuse 7.

Ok, so I do see Infuse Pro 6 in the surviving install. How do I put that on the iPad that currently has Infuse 7 on it?

Oh! wait, “in the Settings menu”. In iOS Settings it says “Infuse” for the install screencapped above.

Another datapoint: there does not appear to be any sort of in-app upgrade menu choice.

I am becoming more convinced that I did in fact do the in-app upgrade. How can I determine if this is the case?

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If you can PM me a copy of your receipt, that will be the best way to know what was purchased.

I haven’t been able to locate a record of the purchase. The version of Infuse I have screenshot above self-reports as Pro 6.x. The Settings label is simply “Infuse”. Which version of the application is installed? Where is the in-app upgrade link?

The link that James provided gives the instructions on how to find it.

It still took me a bit even with those directions to figure out that if you do it from a mac if it’s not in the last 90 days you have to first select a year from a drop down menu at the top AND select show all in another drop down menu next to the first one. It took a bit but it will show. :wink:

No, I did find my Apple history. It shows only the free app Infuse download (which now displays as Infuse 7). If the Infuse 6 app that remains installed is Infuse 6 and not Infuse Pro 6, I should be able to locate the in-app upgrade link; it is not immediately apparent to me that it is available. The app as screenshot reports that it is Infuse Pro 6. Therefore I should be able to install that same app on the iPad which reinstalled with Infuse 7. UNLESS the app which I screenshot is actually Infuse 6 but mis-states its version.

James is avoiding my question. Do I do or I not have Infuse Pro 6 installed? If I do, why can’t I restore it on the other iPad?

You have some version of Infuse installed. It is either the standalone ‘Infuse Pro 6’ app, or the free app with a lifetime license activated. With Pro features active you will see the same ‘Infuse Pro x.x.x’ at the bottom of the settings page in both apps.

If you have the standalone Infuse Pro 6 app, you can simply browse the App Store and download that on other devices.

If you have an in-app purchase, you can download the Infuse 7 app and tap RESTORE on the purchase prompt.

I did try to restore in Infuse 7 and it did not succeed. So I think we concur that it is the lifetime license activated on the extant 6.x. Since attempting a restore within 7 failed, what is my next step?

Have you tried opening the app store on the device you want Infuse Pro 6 on and find it there? There should be one app called Infuse Pro 6, and then an Infuse 7. If you have paid for the Infuse Pro 6 then you should be able to just download it to the new device without charge. Not 7 though. There should be a small cloud icon for the download button on Pro 6.

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And now I see that I have been cross-graded on Apple TV to Infuse 7.

Sorry for the confusion here.

If you were automatically upgraded to Infuse 7, that means you previously had the free version of Infuse 6 installed (which would allow you to upgrade to v7 for no extra cost). You may have also had the standalone Infuse Pro 6 app installed as well, as they are separate apps.

If you’re able to locate a copy of your receipt and PM it to me, it would help in determining what you bought. Unfortunately, developers don’t have access to any of this info.

I see that my intemperate language has been deleted.

Your support here has not resolved my problems, and I am frustrated enough that I am done with this thread, this product, and this company.

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