Infuse 6.6.2 buffering changed?


So until this day, infuse prebuffered almost the whole video file if it was only like 2gb of size.

Since the new update it seems only to buffer the next few minutes.

Was there a change in 6.6.2? Buffer mode is set to auto.


Have you checked the streaming cache setting? It should be set to auto.

Also, if another app has eaten up more of the available memory there may not be enough for Infuse to preload more.

It is set to auto. But i managed to solve the issue: I just deleted the cached metadata, and now it buffers the whole video file again as before :slight_smile:

Nevertheless a bit of a strange behavior:
it said the cached metadata had only ~500mb and the file it is prebuffering completely again now has 2gb. How does freeing 500mb add space for 2gb? :smiley:

As it is solved, this thread can be closed.

Thanks anyway!

I’d guess that there is a range of free space that has to be available before Infuse will try to buffer the whole thing. So by freeing 500mb you got to the limit that allowed Infuse to buffer the entire movie.

Glad your back in operation.

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