Infuse 6.5 plays Dolby 5.1 track channels wrong

Hello! So I just updated my tvOS and Infuse updated nicely to 6.5 along with it and I now notice that every audio track that is Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3) plays the channels out of order. Left channel is center channel, center channel is also center channel and right channel is silent.

Dolby Atmos with EAC3 plays correctly, though.
DTS and DTS-HD are also fine. (I haven’t tested Dolby TrueHD yet, haven’t tracked down a file for that.)

Checked the same files in Infuse 5 (the standalone app, also on the same newest tvOS) and it played the files with the correct channel layout. Infuse 6 played them fine until the recent update. Plex also plays the audio correctly.

An update on the issue: If I set the Apple TV audio settings to Dolby Digital 5.1, the channels play correctly. During Auto (which is preferred, as that is the highest quality and allows Atmos) the channels are jumbled like above for all files using EAC3 audio.

I also tried doing a complete factory reset on the Apple TV 4K itself, channels are still wrong.

Also not sure if anyone reads these things, but still holding out hope for a fix at some point since it worked fine until the recent Infuse/tvOS update.

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

Any chance you’d be able to send in a sample we can review?

  • Dolby EAC3 (without Atmos) causes the error on all videos. I’ve tried episodes from several different shows from my Plex server and they all come out wrong. Center channel plays in both left and center speaker while right channel is completely silent.
  • Dolby EAC3 (with Atmos) plays right.
  • All flavors of DTS, DTS-HD as well as Dolby TrueHD also play correctly.

What kind of sample would you prefer? If I send you a piece of a video, it might not play incorrectly for you. I could record a bit of what it looks/sounds like at my setup?

Speaking of, my setup is:

Apple TV 4K (tvOS 14) running Infuse 6.5, connected via HDMI to Samsung HWK-850 (3.1.2 soundbar), which in turn is connected via HDMI to a LG B9 OLED TV. Problem started appearing when I updated the Apple TV to tvOS 14 and most recent Infuse update (I can’t be sure which of the updates triggered it as they both updated at the same time).
Having the audio settings on Apple TV 4K set to: Auto causes the issue. The files play right when I change format to Dolby Digital 5.1 or Stereo (but then I don’t get lossless audio or Atmos).

I also own Infuse 5 (standalone app) where all files play correctly. The Plex app also plays the files correctly. Netflix, HBO, Apple TV+ and Youtube also play everything correctly. The only app that does it wrong is Infuse 6.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

You can upload a sample or a complete video.

The Dropbox upload form will accept files up to 20GB.

Oh, okay. I’m uploading a full episode (around 2 GB) now that has the problem. (EAC3 audio track.)
On Infuse 6.4.8 and tvOS 13 these files were working fine on the same setup, by the way, so I assume that either tvOS 14 or Infuse 6.5 (or some combination of the two) introduced the issue :slight_smile:

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Sample received!

We’ll look into this. Thanks!

Thank you! Let me know if I can get you some more information on the issue :smiley:

I use wired headphones plugged into my TV headphone-out. When I watch content from Infuse 6.5 with surround sound (tested with 5.1 content), dialogue comes clearly louder from the left channel than the right channel of my headphones. Dialogue is typically all in the middle channel of a surround mix, so it could be that only the middle channel is incorrectly spread to the stereo left and right channels (i.e. it should be spread 50%-50% but it’s maybe 70%-30% by my estimate). It is also possible that other channels are down-mixed incorrectly as well, but it’s more difficult to tell whether music or sound effects are mixed incorrectly (with dialogue it’s obvious).

I verified this bug by watching a certain scene of a certain video file in both Infuse 6.5 on Apple TV 4K and in my preferred media player on my computer. But I can hear the issue with both movies and TV-series.

We’ve tracked down what’s going on here, and are working on a fix.

With any luck, we hope to have it available in the 6.5.1 update.

Thanks for the report!

Wonderful! Is 6.5.1 a ”soonish” kind of update or more of a future update? :slight_smile:

Next one in the list. You can keep track of what’s coming here.

Huzzah! :smiley:

6.5.1 has been submitted to Apple and should be available next week! :smiley:

Hooray! Looking forward to it!

Can I just say it’s lovely to have a developer be so responsive and report in on fixes and updates on your issue? More often than not when finding an issue in someone’s software it’ll be quiet for a long time and you’ll never know if your issue has been noticed or pushed through, but here it’s an update every step of the way which is super nice :smiley:


Good news, everyone! (I hope you’re picturing Professor Farnsworth now, because I sure am.)

I noticed the Infuse 6.5.1 update had hit my iPad so I rushed over to my Apple TV to check if the channel mixup issue was fixed, and it’s looking up so far! Admittedly I just kind of dropped what I was doing and dashed over to my TV and turned on a couple of seconds of some episodes with EAC3 audio that had issues before, so I haven’t done any real in-depth testing but… it’s looking (well, sounding) good so far! Center channel is in the center, the right channel is firing what sounds like right channel audio and the left channel sounds like left again!

Good job everyone, high-fives all around! :smiley:

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Awesome! Thanks for following up.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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