Infuse 6.4.2 & Google Drive now Broken

I’ve used all versions of Infuse 6 very happily with Google Drive until 6.4.2 on both iOS and TVOS.

My first worry was after the upgrade, Infuse decided, to rescan my entire library, this took over two hours and led to lots of mis-identifications, missing artwork and faulty collections. Prior to the upgrade the library was in perfect condition. I followed your advice re artwork and metadata, which led to a further rescan and another two and a half hours for the library to be in even worse shape.

I have today spent over four more hours going through the library and manually correcting the errors, only to find nearly all of my corrections have now reverted to their incorrect versions again!!!

Sorry, but something has gone very wrong. I know you’ve said this was to do with TMDB’s change in API but that was some time ago, and although it was an issue for a time with new content, it never touched existing content. This version has just re-written so much of my library metadata incorrectly I’m afraid I’ve given up with it.

I’m gutted, so much work has gone into this, all, it seems, undone by this latest release. I’ve really enjoyed Infuse, and recommended it to many people, but can no longer rely on it for use with Google Drive.


Try updating to the 6.4.3 release which came out today. It has changes for artwork problems. 6.4.2 only addressed a problem that some users were having with crashing on start up after 6.4.1. 6.4.3 is the one that addresses poster issues.

Each time I re-connect to Google Drive it takes two and a half hours to scan (iOS), then the same on Apple TV4K, so before I try can you perhaps indicate whether it’ll help with the following meta data identification problems (these are you a few examples I’ve had and not a definitive list):
All of these are to do with movies, not TV

  1. File “Batman.mp4” is the original 1989 Batman film, includes full meta data within, constantly identified as Batman Begins from 2005, also in the library, which is file “Batman Begins.m4v”

  2. File “Blade.m4v” is the original Blade film from 1998, also includes full meta data, constantly identified as Blade Runner from 1982, file “Blade Runner - The Final Cut.m4v” also in the library.

I manually fix the above, continue working through the library, then sometime later return to the “B’s” area of the library to find they’ve both been changed back to before I edited them.

This is repeated again and again and again. Very time consuming and very frustrating, and has only just started happening. I also note that Infuse is now continuously scanning the library.

If version 6.4.3’s changes are in this area of the application I will give it a go.


I am not sure about why it is not keeping those edits, but I would recommend adding the year to those movies “Batman (1989).mp4” and “Blade (1998).m4v”

Ok. I’ve downloaded it and will give it a go. I take your point about including the year in the file name.

I’ll let you know how it goes, but it will be tomorrow now.


OK, now done this. Comments:

  1. Renaming files to include year has made zero difference - exactly the same mis-matches

  2. In movies, still lots of missing artwork or incorrect artwork that used to be correct. How do I fix this?

  3. Scanning Google Drive takes a long time, it feels longer than before, but I never noted the time of my previous scans so cannot quantify the difference.

Please consider adding additional meta data matching sources like TVDB and IMDB for flexibility. TMDB seems to be too unreliable now.


Apple TV still to do…

Maybe send a the diagnostic code. It should match correctly with the year. Also you mentioned that it kept changing after you manually edited before which is odd unless the file names didn’t stick or iCloud was conflicting with itself. Not sure what’s going on there. Maybe @james has a though.

For artwork, check with TMDB and make sure that it shows up there first. You can upload new posters there too or upvote ones you like. What language are you using?

Do you happen to have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Settings?

Do you see the words ‘Local Metadata’ in the upper right corner while browsing via folders on Apple TV?

Infuse relies on the sort order provided by TMDb. So for example, when searching for ‘Batman’ the top result is currently Batman Begins. batman — The Movie Database (TMDb)

But if you add the year (1989) the top result is of course the Michael Keaton version. batman — The Movie Database (TMDb)

I do not believe if have local metadata enabled. I’m currently still using the iPad version of Infuse, the Apple TV will be done later when I’m happy with things.

I’ve attached a couple of screen shots to show my settings.

The library is basically correct but quite a lot of movies now have no artwork, which previously they did. I’ve checked on TMDB and the movie posters are no longer showing there either, which I guess is the source of the problem. Is there a way I can manually add posters to my Infuse library?

Here is some instructions for how to create your own artwork:

Here is some info about the posters missing:

You can also create a TMDb account and either upload your own posters or up/downvote existing ones.

OK, I’ve now created my TMDB account and added all of my missing/incorrect artwork. All except two films, weird. The two films in question look fine on TMDB, but Infuse won’t pull the artwork for either. Double weird.

Have a look, they are:
Thin Lizzy Rock Review
Very Important Person

All others are now file, iPad and Apple TV in sync.



There may be a delay before updated TMDb info is available to apps like Infuse.

I just tested both, and these appear to be working for me. Maybe give it another try?

That must have been it. Confirmed, both fine today. Excellent, thanks for the help.



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