Infuse 6.3 - Speed it up

Infuse 6.3 has arrived and includes some exciting new features.

Variable-speed playback

Easily speed up or slow down videos to accommodate a wide variety of different watching scenarios. Choose from one of the pre-defined speeds, or set a custom speed of your own in increments of 0.05x. You can also set a preferred playback speed in Settings, so the speed won't need to be adjusted each time a new video is started.

![Variable-speed playback](upload://zUHWkrs5PUcXHdtuWOzMkdRhZff.jpeg)

Dolby Atmos

Infuse's arsenal of codecs is now a little bit bigger with the addition of Dolby Atmos (E-AC3). Dolby Atmos provides 2-4 new height channels (IE ceiling speakers) which allow for audio effects to come at you from even more places. With this new update, Infuse becomes the first and only 3rd party video player app on iOS or Apple TV to feature full support for both Dolby Vision (single-layer) and Dolby Atmos (E-AC3). Hooray!

![Dolby Atmos](upload://7Da0yRJVTFaNifFW7HgnvKPMtb5.jpeg)

Plus a few other things...

We've also packed in a litany of other improvements and fixes to ensure everything continue working smoothly. A complete list of what's new can be found here.


We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions—so please feel free to post a message in our forum, @ us on Twitter or drop us a note anytime.

Thanks so much for using Infuse!