Infuse 6.3 - Plex Library Update Keeps Spinning

After upgrading to 6.3, I the spinning symbol in the upper right never stops (Plex Library Update). The library will update when I restart the Apple TV, but the spinning does not stop.

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Same here.

Can you send in a report so we can look into this?

I just submitted it - code SDGF1.

Glad to see I’m not the only one. Actually if I’m not mistaken there was an update of PMS yesterday which I applied, maybe that has something to do with it?

This is happening to me too. I run Plex off of my Synology NAS. All of a sudden my library wouldn’t sync at all but the Plex app works fine so it’s not my NAS.

For those of you who haven’t yet, please send in a diagnostic report and post the code here as James asked.

Here’s my diagnostic code V0JEP

My code is 5KXH7

My code is 7HGAQ

My code is RZZ9G

Reported as XED19

I do NOT have this issue although it took a while until spinning stopped.

In fact it stopped AFTER I installed yesterdays PMS update…

Not sure if this is related. I just upgraded from 5.9 to 6.3. 5.9 does not have the spinning wheel and it shows my recent additions to PMS, 6.3 does not show all my recent additions, just some.

Are you talking about Infuse 5.9 to version 6.3? If so, is it version 5.9 or version 5.9.6?

Also, it may take some time for everything to sync. How long have you let it go and are you also saying that you too are getting the spinning wheel in Infuse 6.3?

What version of PMS are you on?

Yes, I have Infuse 5.96, sorry. Looks like I’m running Plex version I am getting the spinning wheel on Infuse 6.3 and it never stops. Does not interfere with viewing though.

Could you try updating to the new version of PMS? It appears to be up to 1.18.6.XXXX

Just a thought since one of the other users above got the most recent version of PMS and isn’t experiencing the spinning wheel issue.

I’m using the latest PMS from Feb 4th and Infuse 6.3 and I’m having the issue so I’m pretty sure its on Infuse’s end.

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My version of Plex is also up to date and the spinning never stops.

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On my laptop I am running PMS 1.18.6.XXXX. All my files are stored on a mycloudhome drive and that version shows 1.16.3.XXXX