Infuse 6.3 is overshooting chapters

I’m running Infuse 6.3 on the Apple TV (4K, up to date on the OS) and I’m finding that when I use the chapter forward command, it is overshooting where it should be stopping by about a second or so. This is new since the 6.3 update. It’s a problem with TV shows in particular because my chapters are timed to be able to skip past the opening credits, but now when I chapter forward past them, I have to then skip backwards because the scene has already started. I’m seeing this problem whether I use the hardware remote command (I use a Harmony remote mapped out to an IR command in conjunction with the setting in Infuse for “Chapter Controls”) or if via the drop-down menu where I select the chapter past the opening credits.

Can you give today’s 6.3.1 update a try and see if you notice any difference?

If the issue is still present and you are able to send in a sample, we’d be happy to take a look.

Looks to be on the money now. Thanks!

Great! :smiley:

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