Infuse 6.3 and Dolby Atmos EAC-3

I see that Infuse 6.3 supports e-ac3 Dolby atmos and single layer Dolby vision. I know how to create single layer Dolby Vision but I have Blu-ray’s with true hd. Is there a way to convert these to e-ac3 ? Where does one get e-ac3 audio tracks given most I thought were steaming only.

Hi gsulshski
As far i know, dolby atmos sound, even from bluray, is dolby true hd 7.1 bitstream with mixing objects metadatas. The format is still EAC-3. That’s what i’v understood, but maybe i’m wrong.

Your wrong. Eac-3 is Dolby digital Plus. You can’t convert TrueHD atmos to EAC-3 with JOC (joint object coding aka atmos). Dolby Studio software lets you output/convert to different formats if you have the master audio track.

You could try remixing the audio from a web rip with the Dolby vision video file you made. Not sure if everything will sync together

I see, sorry i didn’t understand the true hd/E-ac3 difference, thx to correct me.
Anyway i have a question about the new atmos feature. Is That’s mean that if i’m playing a dolby atmos trueHD movie with infusion, it’will convert it as lpcm as dts hd-ma ? So the JOC disapear ?
And if i play movie with eac-3 atmos, infusion won’t convert it ? so apple tv 4k then my AVR will display and play it as atmos soundtrack ?

Thx infuse team for the wonderful work ! Is this thanks to the apple’s petition that we can play atmos content from infuse now? ?

Yep you’re correct

If I have a video with TrueHD Atmos, can this video be played on Infuse as EAC-3 Atmos?

Or does the original format need to be EAC-3 Atmos for infuse to recognize and output Atmos?

Original format needs to be eac-3 atmos. There is no way to convert between the two.

I downloaded Dolby’s Amaze and Leaf 1080p DD+ EAC-3 tracks and confirm that they are playing Atmos DD+ on my Pioneer. I have played them on apps like Vudu as well. So, we have a lossy version of Atmos that can be played locally via Infuse 6.3. Now, how can convert a TrueHD atmos track to a DD+ track. I download a Dolby decoder conversion tool but it looks like it needs a Dolby Atmos Master File as input. I am not sure what that file format is. I can use ffmpeg to extract a TrueHD atmos track but I don’t know how that relates to this master file.

The Dolby master file is what is created at the mixing board in the studio. Think of it is the equivalent of a photoshop file that contains all the layer info and the audio you get on the bluray as the jpeg.

Intuitively, if there was an Dolby atmos tool, you should be able to convert/compress from a lossless format to a lossy version and migrate the atmos metadata.

My preference is to run lossless but Atmos for some movie lossy might be better than an non-atmos lossless track.

Thanks for the clarification. I might read up on the tool flow. A little expensive.

Dolby has demo called Nature’s Fury with DD+ Atmos; it plays. Its almost certainly being converted to PCM by the Apple TV since that is what it outputs.

Maybe on day Apple will really commit to Atmos and it will do more (Amazon Music and their devices making a push on the music front, and with Tidal, that might wake Apple up.)

Well they are releasing more and more TV show with atmos. So that’s something. But question is how well these are ripped, as sadly most audio on rips isn’t that good.

I know Apple TV + and itunes have a lot of movie/tv shows in atmos, anyone know if it’s in true hd atmos or DD+ atmos ?
Anyway infuse, can only read E-AC3 with atmos metadatas (witch is already great), but as bluray are mostly on TRUE HD atmos and we can’t convert it on E-AC3.
What you people are watching as local atmos content with infuse ? where can you find movie with atmos E-AC3 soundtrack ?

iTunes is all eac-3 atmos. I’m going to guess that the content being watched is either stuff captured from streaming platforms for local use (and stripped of DRM) or stuff snagged via torrent. It’s all web-rip.

i see
it’s too bad that we are so limited by those restrictions. I guess we must be patient until we’ll able to enjoy true hd atmos at home not only with bluray player.
Once again Jarvis thank for your kindly help and good informations.