inFuse 6.2 USB drives

Version 6.2 announces support for direct streaming from USB drives.
Can you guys enlighten me on how to use it?
The only way I have found, since v6.1, is by using the “Share” menu in Files and then “Open in inFuse”.
Is that it?

The Files > Share way will still work, and in 6.2 you’ll be presented with an option to Play or Save & Play.

Additionally, this can be accessed from within Infuse via the Settings > Add Files > via Documents menu.

Thanks! That did it (the Documents way)

Does this work on iPad only? Is it just the iPad pros with USB-C? If it works on all iPads I may pick up a lightning to USB camera adapter and plug a USB stick assuming that it would work. Thanks.

I don’t believe it works via Lightning-to-USB adapters.

For Lightning devices, one of the iXpand drives will be your best bet.

IPhone X experience (lightning connector):
IXpand 128gb Flash drive is “seen” directly by inFuse in the Files section.
IPad Pro 11 experience (usb-c connector):
Dual usb-c/usb-A 64gb Sandisk flash drive sold by Apple is “seen” in inFuse by going to Add Files, Documents, etc.
Files app sees this flash drive also, so the media file can be opened via the context menu with Share, Open with inFuse.

Looks like lightning limits power to 100ma so not all USB sticks/drives will work. It does seem like a lightning to SD reader may work. Either way, It’s a great feature to have.

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