Infuse 6.1.6 stutters on iOS 13, while 6.1.5 did not

Hi guys,

The new version now suffers from the same issues as the tvOS version, whereas the 6.1.5 played all files smoothly on iOS 13.

4K HDR files suffer the most, where playback is basically unusable.
But 1080p SDR files do not play smoothly either. It’s as if either the frame rate is low or there is some issue with the sync.

The app is pretty much unusable on iPhone right now.

iPhone XS Max


I’ve noticed stuttering too but I’m also seeing the same thing in plex.

I can’t get 4K files to play on Plex on the iPhone (they play on Apple TV), but 1080p files play smoother than Infuse. But that’s beside the point. Infuse 6.1.5 played all files smoothly.

It looks like issue present in the tvOS 13 betas has now moved to over the latest iOS 13.1 beta. :frowning:

We’ll have a fix available in the next update. iOS 13.1 isn’t set to be publicly available until later this month.

We’ll have a beta with this fix available this week, so drop me a note if you’d like to give it a try.

Thanks for the update!

How odd that Apple has added these changes in iOS 13.1 after they’ve been made aware of the issues.

My guess is they were doing two developments in parallel and the fixes in iOS 13 GM didn’t get shuffled over to the team doing 13.1.

iOS 13.1 is now expected on September 24th, according to Apple. This issue needs to be solved soon.

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