Infuse 6.0.4 / 6.0.5 bug: Can no longer select artwork for favorites icons

I can no longer freely select artwork for the favorites icons. It always defaults to the ‘favorites-av.png’ no matter what other picture I select.

Are you saying that if you follow the steps in the users guide Adding Custom Favorite Artwork (tvOS) – Firecore

that it doesn’t use the graphic you select?


All my icons used to have custom graphics. But, today when I opened Firecore, it had reverted back to the default graphics and I cannot change it anymore. When I try to change it, it does show the custom graphics I select in the menu, but when I exit out to the main screen, the icon graphics are all default.

Have you tried restarting your ATV? Sounds like something may have been corrupted during the update.

Yes, doesn’t help.

Id say the next step would be to delete Infuse and reload it. If I understand iCloud sync it should pick up your settings and most of the metadata.

Tried that, still no joy :frowning:

Is “favorites-av.png” a file you have somewhere on your server? If so, have you tried removing it from your server? If not have you searched for it?

It sounds like you may mean “favorite-atv.png” not “favorite-av.png”. If you have a favorite-atv in each of your favorites I think that will override your picks via the “Select Artwork” option so you may need to go and remove all of the “favorite-atv.png” files from each of the favorites folder first.

Yes, I do of course mean ‘favorites-atv.png’.

Now it gets strange… I have a favorites icon named ‘3D Movies’ and the graphics for that icon is in my 3D movie folder on my NAS. So, in my 3D movie folder, I have ‘3D.jpg’ (the one I want to use and have used before) and ‘favorites-atv.png’.
I deleted the ‘favorites-atv.png’ and selected the ‘3D.jpg’ again. But, the ‘favorites-atv.png’ icon is still displayed on the home screen… Rebooted the ATV, still displays the ‘favorites-atv.png’ icon…

Are the graphics for the favorites icons backed up somewhere (iCloud) and being used from there instead of the ones you select?

It was never a problem until the latest Infuse release.

I don’t think that the graphics are backed up to iCloud but the selection of which graphic may be so you may have to wait until it finishes an iCloud Sync before it shows the new one. That’s just a guess though. One other option is to change the 3D to “favorite-atv.png” and see if that works without having to select one.

I have always been able to change the icon graphics/artwork instantly.

I tried to change my graphics file to “favorite-atv.png”, but it still shows the default graphics, which means that it must be picking the graphics from some other location (iCloud?) and not from the location you select via the ‘Add Artwork’ menu. So, a bug it must be :wink:

I just did a test and changed my favorite-atv it didn’t change until I long pressed on the favorite, clicked on “Select Artwork” and then selected “Reset Artwork” then the new graphic was used by infuse.

Thanks, but that doesn’t change anything here.

Also, the fact that you had to select ‘Reset Artwork’ to get it to change, indicates to me that something is wrong. That wasn’t necesarry earlier and it is not mentioned in the User Guide.

I don’t know what to suggest to you now. I’ve been able to swap out the graphic for a favorite by switching the “favorite-atv” file and then selecting “Reset Artwork”.

I would imagine that the reason it’s required to select “Reset Artwork” to change the graphic is so that Infuse doesn’t have to constantly scan that folder for changes unless you actually change the graphic.

I haven’t eliminated the “favorite-atv” file and then tried to select a new graphic with a different name but then it may update instantly.

Ok, thank for trying :slight_smile:

Same problem here since 6.05, tried several things, no luck so far…

Thanks, good to know that I’m not alone :slight_smile:

This has got my curiosity up, if you’re up to some trial and error trouble shooting could we try removing the artwork both favorite-atv file and any other jpg or png files in that favorite folder then click on “Select Artwork” and then select “Reset Artwork” . I want to see if that reverts you back to the generic icon (orange with a star I think)

If it does can you then

  1. Place the graphic file you want to use with the favorite-atv.png name
  2. See if the favorite now has the desired artwork.
    if not
  3. Then click on “Select Artwork” and then select “Reset Artwork”
  4. See if the favorite now has the desired artwork.

It doesn’t. It still uses the ‘favorite-atv.png’ that is no longer in the folder.

However, in the menu where you select “Reset Artwork” there is the preview of the artwork, and there it did change to the default one with the star. But, no change on the home screen.