Infuse 6.0.1 is crashing

The up is crashing on the Apple TV continuously and will not even finish a library scan. Help please!!!

Sorry for the trouble.

Are you logged into Trakt by chance? If so, can you try logging out?

We have submitted 6.0.2 to Apple with a fix for some reported Trakt sync issues, and hope to have this on the App Store very soon.

I am logged into Trakt. I can try logging out. What feature will I lose if I cannot use Trakt?

Infuse would stop syncing watched history with your Trakt account.

This would only be temporary until you have a chance to install the 6.0.2 update, which should be available very soon.

Does the iCloud sync feature eliminate the need for a Trakt account?

Infuse 6 is able to use iCloud to keep watched statuses in sync between all your devices, whereas before Trakt was required for this.

Trakt is still useful if you want to keep other devices in sync, or you use other Trakt features via their site or Trakt enabled apps.

6.0.2 was just approved, and should be available on the App Store shortly. :smiley:

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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