Infuse 5 v. 5.6.9 does not work Library

Hello, since the new Infuse 5 (free version) the Library does not work, it is some kind of error or it has been deleted.

Can you send in a report from your device so we can look further into this?

Iphone 6s plus and Ipad Mini, both with IOS 11.
With version 5.6.8 the Library worked perfectly on the 2 devices

Is there any solution?

Did you send in a report and email the code in?

I got the same connection problem with 5.6.9 with Win10 shares. Then I removed the shares, re-add them with ip address instead of Windows hostname. And everything works fine now.

The problem I have when I try to visualize some file by “UPnP / DLNA”, that is to say a hard disk connected to the Router.
He lets me see them, but he does not add any files to the library, when in previous versions he did not have any problems and he added them perfectly.

Not sure if you’re reading the responses here or not but if you’re using UPnP or DLNA I don’t think you can use the Library function. Here is a thread that discusses a similar issue to yours. PROBLEM wirelessly from hard drive plugged in to a router / Please HELP

If you use an SMB connection you should be able to see the library in Infuse.

Again, did you send in the report that James asked for with the report code given in infuse?

In addition to what NC said, there can be a delay before files added to UPnP/DLNA are made available to apps like Infuse.

You can avoid this delay by connecting via SMB, if your device supports it.

I insist again with previous versions of Infuse, all files were passed to the library, with protocol “UPnP / DLNA”.
Since this is the latest version, I do not admit it, under my modest opinion, I think it has to be some problem …
James I have the USB connected to the Router and so I do not need to have the computer on. It does not allow me to send by SMB protocol.
I have not sent any report, because I am using a free version, so I ask for your help in the forum and I thank you very much for your answers.

Since the Infuse library function isn’t supported with DLNA and you say it was working then I’d say it may be an issue with your router and it’s setting. If you can’t send in a report from the Infuse app then that really eliminates the info that would be needed to go any further.

Maybe if you provided the details of what router model and drive you’re using and what settings you have in your router for DLNA then maybe someone else would be able to add to the discussion.