Infuse 5 (tvOS) & HomePod

I just got a new HomePod and am primarily planning to use it for better audio while watching content on my Apple TV (it sitting right below my tv). So far it works great and sounds awesome… for apps that support audio output to airplay devices. I can’t figure out how to do the same for infuse. Essentially, I want to be able to have infuse send the audio to an airplay device instead of playing on the tv itself. This is doable on lots of apps like movies, Netflix, music, etc.
Any advice?

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You can select an AirPlay speaker via Settings > Video and Audio > Audio Output.

tvOS 11 also has a handy little shortcut where you can toggle this from the Apple TV home screen. To access this, simply long-press the Play/Pause button for a moment until the AirPlay selection option appears.

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Hi james,what about the airplay delay? I read that the app that use the native player are synchronized… Infuse is ok?

Many Thanks

Also wondering if the audio delay to HomePod when playing videos thru Apple TV will be fixed? Or an audio offset option added?

Hi James,
I know that this isn’t exactly related, but when are you going to fix airplaying audio-only from iOS directly to airplay device like airport express? Been waiting on this fix for a while. I have a room without TV so I watch on iPad and would like to pipe audio to speakers but can’t at the moment. It either hangs or quits.

Is it known why some videos stay in sync when using HomePod and some don’t? If we know how to avoid the problem until it’s fixed at least we can find a way to work with it.

One work around that seems to work all the time is to open the video on an iPad with Infuse then airplay it to Apple TV, doing that with all the videos I’ve tried so far has had no issues with audio syncing with the HomePod, weird.

Oh, that’s such a great idea! Unfortunately this wouldn’t work with some high bitrate 4K videos I have because my Apple TV needs to be wired to handle them, iPad gives up buffering them after a while. But either way, it’s a start for everyday stuff, thanks.

Ah yes, that’s right, I only tried this with videos up to 1080p. But yeah for the moment for standard stuff it’s an OK workaround.

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