Infuse 5 - subscription issue

Hello, I have a question regarding subscription of Infuse 5. On 6th of Dec I have downloaded App on ATV and subscribed, but from 7th of Jan 2017 Infuse is switched to free version. I have already checked subscription in my Apple ID and it seems to be OK (valid to 2018).
When I open App, there is a toggle “upgrade to Infuse Pro” and 2 options in it - buy Pro or restore.
What should I do now? Thx.

Sorry about that. We’ve seen some wonkiness with the App Store over the past week or so, so this may be related to that.

If you’re currently subscribed, then tapping the Restore option should get everything working again. Sometime restarting the device can help too. :slight_smile:

FYI, it’s not possible to subscribe more than once using the same Apple ID, so no matter what you do you shouldn’t be charged again.

Thank you James, it’s finally working (via restore). :slight_smile: