Infuse 5: "Recently Added" VERY SLOW to update

I think the “Recently Added” feature could be potentially useful but it seems currently hampered by the fact that it appears to take an inordinate amount of time to update.

I have a Downloads folder as a favorite and last night copied a new season of a TV show into it. If I go into the Downloads folder, Infuse found it and added all the metadata correctly but this new entry did not appear in the “Recently Added” section until this morning at some point.

If this takes so long to update that I have to dig into my favorites to begin watching something then it seems like the Recently Added feature will not get a lot of use.

How long should this normally take to update?


Sale gere, it’s quite long.
Have to go to analysed library again to get it update quicker.

Yes, it is very long. I have 4TB of movies, and 6TB of TV shows. Mine took all night. But the thing is, when it does update recently added, it doesn’t group them by TV show, I wonder if you can select what you want in recently added? If I had my way, it would just be movies. JMO

Actually, on mine, I do at least see that an entire season of something is represented as one entry in Recently Added. That might be because I have all episodes in a single folder per season but I’m not sure.

I have mine the same way. Oh well, hopefully they give us a update soon.